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TRONCO US Series Automatic Curved Sliding Door
US Series

TRONCO US Series has a unique appearance. The dynamic structure with curved metal form makes the door line soft and elegant. It emerged with the building perfectly to create visual design. You will find TRONCO US series often in offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, airports and many types of public buildings.

Unlike automatic sliding doors, automatic curved sliding doors move along a curved track. In addition to the elegant and beautiful appearance, they are also functional. They also have double door structure, creating an airtight chamber to prevent the exchange of air indoors and outdoors. That way, they can keep air indoors from leaking out and shut out the noise and dust, thereby helping to achieve carbon reduction and energy saving.

TRONCO US Series goes with buildings of different sorts. It provides a full circle, semicircle, arch-shaped curvature of the doors of different styles according to the needs of the building. It brings space design into full play and creates all kinds of arbitrary ideal architectural style.

This curved sliding door is a "dynamic structure with curved metal line." Actually it’s a development and transformation to space characteristics of automatic door technology. General automatic doors are of a linear appearance, showing only straight lines. However, with curved doors, their beautiful structure enables the inner space behind the curve to be used. Besides, with straight lines changing into curves, such doors have become aesthetic works.

TRONCO US Series uses metal arcs to define space, free from the ordinary look of straight lines. Not only is US series automatic doors but it also contains harmonious rhythms, through which the arcs and straight lines constitute a lively space.

Standard Dimensions
TRONCO US Series Automatic Curved Sliding Door
TRONCO US Series Automatic Curved Sliding Door

*Other options apart from the standard dimensions are also available, please contact Tronco or our distributor for more information.

TRONCO US Series Automatic Curved Sliding Door

*Check with our agent first for special sizes.