TRONCO TS Series Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door
TRONCO TS Series Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door
TS Series

Telescopic Sliding door gives more than 30% opening width in comparison to a standard bi-parting door. It allows the door system with maximum passage with minimum space requirements.

In conjunction with intelligent CS auto control system, TS series adopt high efficiency changeable power supply unit which can input voltage 110V~220VAC and provide extra power source 12VDC/1.5A and 24 VDC/1A to satisfy surrounding electrical requirements of other electrical appliances and no need to purchase extra power supply to save cost and space.

TS series uses efficient DC magnetic brushless motors developed by ourselves with low volume, high rotational speed, and low electricity consumption, not giving off heat and never going beyond 50 degrees centigrade. It runs quietly and possesses the functions of overloading protection and automatic restoration.

Innovative micro controller comes with built-in self-monitoring ability, which can detect door leaves operating status and corresponding signal. If the door leaves are out of order in operation, micro controller will react via signal window display or emit relevant alarm sound to remind maintenance staff to check door leaves current status, and adopt relevant measurement to ensure safe operation.

The system can do logic operation automatically according to the weight of door leaves and factors of the scene after switching on. It can operate itself automatically and does not need extra man-made set-up. This system will also automatically judge whether to send alarm signals in abnormal situations, according to the values of starting operation for the door leaves.

Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Type
4 leaves, bi-parting
Clear opening width
2 leaves, left opening
Clear opening width
Clear opening width
2 leaves, right opening
Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door Working Process
Door leaves are in fully-closed status
Door leaves are in opening status
Door leaves are in fully-opened status
TRONCO TS Series Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door

TS Series


80 KG×2 (2 leaves)

70 KG×4 (4 leaves)

Opening Speed

0.7m/sec (Adjustable)

Closing Speed

0.4m/sec (Adjustable)

Passage size

<3000 mm

Hold-open time

1~60sec (Adjustable)

Power Supply

AC 90V~250V (60Hz / 50Hz)

Power consumption


Output Power

DC 12V / 1.5A、DC 24V / 1A

IP rating


Operating temp.


Section space

H 250mm × D 150mm

*Check with our agent first for special sizes.


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