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TRONCO HS Series Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding Door
HS Series

Tonnage automatic sliding door system is a professional automatic system for special applications, which is usually used for automatic access system, such as anti-radiation for hospital, nuclear and atomic proof, and large-scale stainless steel door and so on. Tonnage automatic sliding door system has much stricter standards for power system, control system, drive system and safety. TRONCO, who has accumulated many years’ experience in R&D and manufacture in this field, is one of the rare firms that can manufacture tonnage automatic sliding door systems and has participated in countless construction projects; we have won a good reputation in this field.

TRONCO HS series tonnage sliding door system has professional drive system especially designed for tonnage door, which can ensure the stable operation of door. The control system is intelligent and there are various anti-door strike modes available; accessories can also be installed to add to functionality according to requirements. The system, equipped with DC brushless motor which is developed and manufactured ourselves and is heatless, noiseless and efficient. All the parts for the system are modular in order to make the installation and maintenance conveniently. All the parameters can be configured according to clients’ requirements.

From tonnage automatic door properties, TRONCO learned that security and stability are important and indispensable elements for tonnage automatic doors. Therefore, TRONCO developed transmission exclusively for tonnage automatic doors to make the door operates in stability. In addition, with our thoughtful design, we set aside wires for accessories, so lots of time and effort can be saved when there's a need to add to the system a power supply, access control unit, etc.

Because of the heavy weight of tonnage door, the acceleration of gravity of door leaf is enormous. If the design is defective, collisions may occur between door leaves and people, from the door's failure to brake in time, or the power transmission system will break easily. This system can make the AI motor slow down to make sure the door move at a steady speed and to prolong the lifespan of the system.