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TRONCO RV Series Automatic Revolving Door
RV Series

TRONCO RV Series is in the top of automatic doors. With the progress of the development of the automatic door industry, material structure of high strength, durable, simple design with a wide choice of surface treatment which gives the building boutique-like texture. Therefore, more and more buildings are using the automatic revolving door, and widely used in government agencies, commercial buildings, hotels, department stores, hospitals and other areas. It is an important element to enhance corporate image.

TRONCO RV Series automatic revolving door has a spacious entrance with beautiful arc shape. When there are people in and out of high traffic, it can disperse the crowd smoothly, and create a better experience both in use and visual. Broad and flexible design, customized service, the perfect combination of design style, with a variety of safety devices to avoid trapped, caught. It also can connect with variety of external emergency switch. Door rotation speed can be adjusted depending on environmental conditions, and more functional and flexible system that can meet all the needs.