TRONCO CSmini2-S72 Automatic Sliding Door 2019TAIWAN EXCELLENCE
TRONCO川富電機CSmini2-S72 Automatic Sliding Door橫拉式自動門2019台灣精品獎 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE

The CSmini2 sliding door system is the industry's unique integration of microprocessor controller and advanced motor technologies that is true to our innovation-driven philosophy. Unlike conventional systems, its extra-compact chassis houses microprocessor servo controllers with all the advanced settings you will ever need to best suit your business application, such as travel distance, door opening/closing speed, graduate delay in between speed differences – five variable resistors bring about all the tweaks for superior operability and user experience.

10cm thin and compact chassis resonates with European architectural aesthetics, giving a simple and elegant impression, thanks to its high-strength aluminum alloy structure. On top of state-of-the-art mechanical engineering and unrivalled performance, high scalability for adding peripheral safety devices such as access control, anti-crushing beams makes CSmini2 the best automatic door system.

CSmini2 is CE EN16005 standard compliant, and is qualified by SGS for 3 million time operations durability as well as TUV quality inspection - it is nothing but best-in-class.

Safety focused, innovation driven, and green minded best describe CSmini2 which is developed with fast deployment, intuitive operability, easy maintenance and the environment in mind.

TRONCO CSmini2-S72 Automatic Sliding Door SGS for 3 million time operations durability


An original fusion of the controller and the motor

Microprocessor servo motor
●Through its environment and the door weight, 
    the system automatically gets going while learning once powering up.
●Any abnormality can be detected and shown as such
●The door is able to move backward right away at obstacles
●The sturdy serrated timing belt makes the operation effective
●The operation is quiet and smooth
●Door is controlled with a mere 5 dials
●Seven LED indicator lights
TRONCO CSmini2-S72 Automatic Sliding Door EN16005 TESTED
Rail of aluminum alloy
● Made of alloy, the one-piece rail is sturdy and wear-resistant.
● Excellent craftsmanship is reflected in the thinness and
 aesthetics of the rail
TRONCO CSmini2-S72 Automatic Sliding Door 2019TAIWAN EXCELLENCE
High-Efficiency Power Supply

The system is equipped with a highly efficient power supply  (universal input AC 100V~240V). This device doesn't consume over 0.5 W of power while being idle.

Signal Connector
The system offers many contacts such as door-opening signal, safety beam, emergency door opening, emergency door stop, locked door, the electric lock, etc. All the wires are collected together, making installation fast  and wiring easy
 TRONCO CSmini2-S72 Automatic Sliding Door 2019TAIWAN EXCELLENCE

SGS for 3 million time operations durability




150 KG (Single)

120 KG×2 (Bi-parting)

Door size

(Max) W:5000mm↓、H:3500mm↓
(Min) W:450mm↑、H:Built to specs required

Check with our agent first for special sizes.

Travel distance

400mm~12000mm (With bi-parting doors, entrance width can double.)


150mm~650mm / sec (Adjustable)

Hold-open time

1~30sec (Adjustable)

Power Supply

AC 100V~240V (60Hz / 50Hz)

Power consumption


Output Power

DC 24V (With Power Supply)

IP rating


Operating temp.


Rail size

H 102mm × D 155mm

External digital Controller

Shows instant system status for timely diagnosis.

Battery Voltage Display

System Reset Record

Opening/Closing Times

Motor Abnormality Record

Operation Status

Door Movement Abnormality Record

Door System Operation Settings

Operation Status

Program selector

Normal mode:People can get in and out
Half-open mode:Door doesn't entirely open
Always-open mode:Door remains open
Locked mode:Door instantly closes and locks
One-way mode:Only entry or exit is allowed

● Attractive five-setting dial
● Size:70 mm*70 mm
● LED glass touch panel
● Size:123 mm*70 mm

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