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The CSmini 2 system is the very first perfect combination of the controller with the motor in the industry. The system comes equipped with a servo control microcontroller. It takes only five knobs to adjust all the door movements such as travel distance, the speed of the closing/opening door(s), the smooth transition in the speed toward the destination, etc. The system is groundbreaking both in size and function.

The CSmini 2 system features simple operation methods and modular units and wires, committed to simplifying installation of automatic-door systems, streamlining operation,  and facilitating maintenance. Without the complexities, users don’t have to have the special know-how to accomplish the installation task.

servo motor

●Through its environment and the door weight, the system       automatically gets going while learning once powering up.

●Any abnormality can be detected and shown as such

●The door is able to move backward right away at obstacles

●The sturdy serrated timing belt makes the operation effective

●The operation is quiet and smooth

●Door is controlled with a mere 5 dials

●Seven LED indicator lights

Rail of aluminum alloy

● Made of alloy,  the one-piece rail is sturdy and wear-resistant.

● Excellent craftsmanship is reflected in the thinness and simple aesthetics of the rail

Wire connector

● The system offers many contacts such as door-opening signal, safety beam, emergency door opening, emergency door stop, locked door, the electric lock, etc. 

● All the wires are collected together, making installation fast  and wiring easy.

Program selector
● LED glass touch panel
● Size:123 mm*70 mm
● Attractive five-setting dial
● Size:70 mm*70 mm

Normal mode:People can get in and out
Half-open mode:Door doesn't entirely open
Always-open mode:Door remains open
Locked mode:Door instantly closes and locks
One-way mode:Only entry or exit is allowed