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TRONCO CS1000 Series Automatic Sliding Door

Our CS1000 automatic sliding doors are developed and produced on our own, based on our own 10-year-plus experience of development, manufacture and production of automatic doors, and with users’ needs in mind. CS1000 is used for garage gates, hospital radiation protection doors, warehouse gates,
high-tech facilities, wheelchair friendly spaces, security doors, commercial buildings, hypermarkets, ships, etc.

With an intelligent microcomputer controller, our CS1000 automatic sliding door system is able to adjust all the door movements such as travel distance, closing/opening speeds, a smooth transition between high and low speeds, etc. In addition, the system can prevent the door(s) from closing on people, quickly close and lock the door(s) in emergencies, and to enhance the safety of the users, be integrated with access control units. The users can use the system for various applications with our assorted external accessories such as sensors, electric locks, access control devices, etc, to secure their place. The system is equipped with an efficient brushless DC motor, and can be used one million times. Through a low-resistance power-transmission system, the motor, which is space saving and has a high RPM and low power consumption, can get the door(s) to move gracefully and smoothly.

Also, the components of the CS1000 have modular designs and an LED screen, through which you can easily know the status of the product, making it more convenient to install and inspect the system. In terms of its design, applications, and installation, the system is created with the users in mind.

TRONCO CS1000 Series Automatic Sliding Door BLDC
Brushless DC Motor
Through a special circuit design, the motor gives off little heat in operation. Moreover, coupled with a toothed timing belt, the motor makes the transmission mechanism more precise and effective. Finally, the motor has got overloading protection and automatic restoration.
Intelligent microcomputer controller
The controller is equipped with an efficient power supply (universal AC input of 100V-240V and DC power output of 12V-24V, for external accessories).The controller is also capable of self-protection, self-detection, finding the right movement pattern to improve the stability and lifespan of the system. The controller has an LED screen, showing the status.
TRONCO CS1000 Series Automatic Sliding Door CS1000 Controller
TRONCO CS1000 Series Automatic Sliding Door TUV quality inspection
Rail of aluminum alloy
● Heavy-duty one-piece aluminum alloy withstands wear and tear
● The rail is so designed that it resists great pressure and has been patented 
● The V-shaped groove enables the screws to be securely fastened
● The integration of our rails into other automatic-door systems is viable
TRONCO CS1000 Series Automatic Sliding Door Rail of aluminum
Versatile wire connector
The system offers many contacts such as door-opening signal, safety beam, emergency door opening, emergency door stop, locked door, the electric lock, etc. All the wires are collected together, making installation fast  and wiring easy
TRONCO CS1000 Series Automatic Sliding Door Wire Connector
TRONCO CS1000 Series Automatic Sliding Door Program selector
● LED glass touch panel
● Size:123 mm*70 mm
● Attractive five-setting dial
● Size:70 mm*70 mm
Program selector

Normal mode:People can get in and out
Half-open mode:Door doesn't entirely open
Always-open mode:Door remains open
Locked mode:Door instantly closes and locks
One-way mode:Only entry or exit is allowed

TRONCO CS1000 Series Automatic Sliding Door SGS for 1 million time operations durability