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TRONCO The speciallist in Automatic Door Solutions
TRONCO The speciallist in Automatic Door Solutions


TRONCO was established in 1994. We mainly develop and manufacture infrared sensor products in the beginning.  Our stable performance built up a good reputation in Taiwan. Thereafter, our product development has begun to extend to automatic-door systems and their peripherals. Currently, our product include: Intelligent Automatic Door System, DC Brushless Motor, Electronic access control system, wireless system and related accessories. Other Businesses include: the development of access control systems, electrical motor manufacturing distribution business.

In order to maintain innovation and characteristics in the market of automatic doors field, TRONCO relies on stable professional experience over years, continuously expands product lines to provide customers more system services and product options. Before TRONCO establishment, we had had more than three decades of practical experience in the field of construction engineering; currently, we are one of the best application vendors of integrate systems. As one of the professional automatic doors family, TRONCO sees the responsibility of maintaining product quality and keeping reliability of reputation. How to provide the most advanced products and excellent service will never change and always be the highest standard of TRONCO.

In technology development, Tronco often cooperates with international companies, exchanging technology and experience with international manufacturers, absorbing advanced technology and innovative ideas around the world, supplying our customers apart from other suppliers of goods and services.

In the future, we will continue to enhance our professional skills and work hard on offering good after-sales services. With a faith of never giving up, we create demand-oriented products so that customers can be satisfied and happy. We also hope to become customers' first choice of automatic-door consultant.



Fast and attentive service
Diversity of product supply

Customer Service

Relentlessly developing and improving technologies

Innovative R&D

internal ISO inspection
consistency in quality

Professional Manufacture

TRONCO automatic doors, electric doors, glass doors


TRONCO Surgery doors, anti-radioactive doors, lead doors, ton-grade doors

Real response and feedback from users are our endless power to move on.

We are open-minded on Cross-Industry Cooperation to develop mutually beneficial product together.
Only by solving problem from different industry request and share ideas with each other that we could excite thinking and make our industry more creative.

Our partners who are truthful and full of enthusiasm could help each other walk for longer journey. 
We could serve more and more end users who need our products and create more profit together.


End Users

Cross-industry cooperation



quickly providing our customers with quality products at reasonable prices
Being detail and quality-oriented and not only becoming the role model in the industry, but also one of the most sought-after brands in the world. 

 TRONCO Automatic Sliding Door TUV quality inspection
TRONCO Automatic Sliding Door EN16005 TESTED
TRONCO Automatic Sliding Door SGS
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